Charlie is a journalism college graduate, she does the news…the science news. Born in the Lone Star State, she traded in her cowboy boots for LONG metro rides and reside in the Nation’s Capital. She’s a multimedia news editor and video and radio producer at a super cool, super science spot. Obvi, all things accredited to her, reflect her opinions and not the science spot’s.

Charlie is the co-host of NSF’s Science360 Super Science Show and co-editor of Science360 News.

Charlie also once produced and designed this AMAZING local magazine, called luri & wilma. It’s more of a hobby now and she updates it when she can. She’s busy, she get’s contracted out on a lot on fun, creative things. luri & wilma gave her that start.

She also makes things, yeah she’s quite impressive! From bowties and pocket squares to flirty dresses and skirts to redesigns of your fave thrifted finds, she’s got a sewing machine and a few other things.

Oh, one more thing, she LOVES animals and is a pretty popular pet sitter, check her out!

If you are interested in collaborating, chatting or hiring her for a dope freelance project, she is totes into that!